Museum & Collections

We operate to the standards set by the US based Professional Picture Framers and the UK based Fine Art Trade Guild of London. 

By following set stipulated methods, techniques, and materials, we can create a framed enviroment for artworks with protection for up to 35 years.

Museum but particularly collection works face a uniquely challenging environment- undesirable combinations of temperature, humidity, wall moisture, pollutants, lighting methods, and framing materials can make art created with unstable materials subject to damage. 

We ensure complete reversibility- that is, the ability to remove the artwork completely and safely when required from the frame without any damge or alteration to the art.

Our skilled and experienced consultants will work with you to ensure that the right process is put in place to protect your valuable pieces.

Contact us on 063573944 or click on this link to discuss your Museum or Collection Framing requirements.

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