Change it. . .Gild it. . .

If you want to bring life and lustre or even that antiqued look back into your project then we can help. We have experience in gilding frames, matboards, inlays and objects. 

There are two types of leaf- genuine and imitation.

These are available in Gold, Silver, Copper and Variegated.

Both can be applied using an oil or acrylic size. Generally an oil size will give a harder, more durable finish and is best used on large items or when doing a full gild on picture frames.

Acrylic size is great for small projects, touch up work, or after a replacement ornament has been added, as well as colour matching antique items.

At Van Uffelen Gallery & Picture Framing, we have applied gold leaf to many projects- both new and restored.

Remember that just about anything is possible with skills and imagination.  

Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss you ideas- we are more than happy to help.  06 3573944

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