Corporate & Hospitality


We’ll work with you, your architect, interior designer, or project manager to create stunning yet practical installations of framed items which meet both your needs and budget.

From one off reception pieces, to 50 prints, or 1500 matching frames, we’re equipped to meet your requirements at the highest possible levels of quality, from the planning stages through the final stages of execution.

Our staff are highly skilled and experienced, and are exceptopnally capable of delivering uniquely framed items on time and on budget.

We offer:

  • On site consultations
  • Presentation of suggested prints and photographs
  • Analysis of floor plans and locations for suggested works
  • Selection and knowledge
  • Exceptional unique custom framing
  • Full insurance cover
  • Delivery and Installation (Security Hanging Available)

To discuss a framing project or to make an enquiry please click here 

Ph 06 3573944

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