About Van Uffelen Framing

The Van Uffelen family have two generations’ worth of experience in providing the highest quality solutions for your framing needs and lead a qualified framing team. Whatever your requirements, we promise to find the most appropriate framing procedure and materials required within your budget and needs.

We’re proud to be a highly qualified framing team, and as our framing staff hold the coveted Guild Commended Framer qualification, you can rest assured that your artwork and treasures are in the safest of hands. We follow both the Fine Art Trade Guild and the Professional Picture Framing Association codes of ethics and framing standards.

We’re also trying hard to do our bit for the environment.

You will notice the “Eco-Friendly” sticker on many of our renewable and  Eco-friendly frames.

Here are a few of the ways in which Van Uffelen keeps this corner of Aotearoa New Zealand clean -

  • We recycle all cardboard and paper packaging.
  • All Bubble Wrap and Large plastic Packaging is upcycled by local businesses
  • Board offcuts are passed to local Learning institutions, kinder gardens and pre-schools.
  • We use energy efficient heating and lighting.
  • We use locally produced materials when we can.
  • We use environmentally friendly matboards and backing boards
  • We stock frames from timber harvested out of responsibly managed forests
  • Wood off cuts are used to heat our homes.