Medal Framing

Professional Medal Framing to the Highest Standards

We understand the importance of protecting and displaying medals for yourself and your family, to honour the past and preserve for future generations.

Each framed medal set that we create is bespoke and individually handcrafted onsite by us to preserve the past for future family generations.

Our dedicated staff are here to assist in creating a unique framing solution that suits your medals, your style and your budget.

Both individual Medals or Medal Sets can be framed. Either of these can then be framed in a closed or openable fashion in order for medals to be removed out of the frame to be worn during services.

We Will Remember Them

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We can assist with any of the following:

  • Medal Mounting
  • New Ribbons
  • Sourcing missing medals
  • Replica Medals
  • Aquiring additional Medal sets for family
  • Medal History
  • Retrieving Service Records