Artist's and Photographer's


The importance of good framing cannot be stated enough. It adds that final definitive finishing touch, looks classy, and if done properly, will add value to your work. If you're interested in fufilling any of these, then we are able to assist through our professional framing services that don't cost the earth.

We have a range of affordable framing options available which have been specifically designed to enhance the look of your art or photo.

We offer:

  • Unique framing options with attractive pricing.
  • Custom designs suited to your art or photo.
  • Discounts on multiple orders.
  • Online framing options where you can design your unique frame style.
  • Matboard and backing board cutting.
  • NZIPP matboards, backings, and mounting.
  • DIY framing materials cut to size.

Call us 06 3573944 or email to discuss your framing requirements.

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