Art Hanging Systems

For business or personal use, deciding how to display your artwork can be just as important as creating the artwork itself.

Art hanging systems allow ease, variety and lesser limitations when hanging your artwork. They are designed to hang both framed and unframed works and keep your walls tidy and free of damage.

Whether it be an important document, a child's artwork or a promotional piece, art hanging systems may just be the solution you're looking for.


Have a look at some of these art hanging systems to get started:

  • Art and photo hanging system - Rails, Fixtures and Hooks. The Artiteq hanging systems allows for maximum horizontal and vertical flexibility without damaging walls, without patching holes and painting expenses.
  • Poster hanging snap systems - Ideal for shop windows, promotions, gift shops and galleries, poster snap hanging systems can be used in combination with various railing. 
  • Display and suspension parts - Ideal for partition walls, exhibitions,, window displays, showrooms, galleries, wall displays, shop displays and to decorate or divide rooms. Accessibiility allows for easy change or movement. 
  • Notice and information rails - Ideal for sharing information in offices, schools, hospitals, rest homes and open spaces. The rail was developed to suspend all types of documents.
  • Wired acrylic display holders- Free standing hanging system solutions for art, brochures or temporary displays designed to display your items both horizontally and vertically.
  • Lighting
  • Security Hooks
  • Snap Frames
  • Custom Art hanging solutions to suit your needs. Contact us.
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