Shadow Box Framing for Sports and Memorabilia Items

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 Ivory pouch on silk       

After more than 30 years in the business, we continue to surprise and wow our long list of customers across New Zealand with spectacular framing solutions for their 3D objects and arts to be framed.


Stone Warrior In Cabinet

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The Object or Content to be Framed

People often think that the most popular items are possibly sports items, such as jerseys, balls or Bats, this may be true but these days we do so much more then that. In fact memorabilia framing is quickly overtaking sports items. Treasures such as Musical Instruments, Medals, Heirlooms, Tools of the Trade, Motorsport Items, Garments, Equestrian Items, to name a few are the kinds of items we may be working on right now.


Customers have asked us to frame Hair, Cremains and Umbilical cords and Spiders to name a few of the more truly unique items. We are here to assist in the most professional manner and not to judge your items or limit your ideas and will simply do the best in showcasing your special item. There are absolutely no limits to what can be framed and how it can be framed. 

We Don't Do Limits

There are no limits to the number of customized options you can add to the mix. Your Custom Display Case, Plinth or frame can consist of single or multiple openings, several rows of shelves, you can add lights, engraving, custom colors, rotation options, platforms, mirrors, easy-open doors and UV protection to name a few.

The playing field is wide open with a virtually endless array of possibilities.


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