Make Something Special

Stuck at home or the office?

Here at Van Uffelen Gallery and Picture Framing, we know that both work and home life can be busy and build barriers between you and your creative tasks. Our online custom framing tool works to tear down these barriers and get those creative juices flowing again in both your professional and personal environments. 


1) It's quick, easy & simple

Our online custom framing tool is here to make your life easier. Simply upload an image, select the mattboard, choose your frame and decide on a glass type. 


2) Experiment

The tool comes with all sorts of colours, designs and materials for you to experiment with and reflect the style and decor the item will be featured in. Unsure where to start? Seek advice from one of our friendly framers. 


3) 100% unique guarantee

Create a personalized item that will tick all the right boxes. No gift is ever the same here at Van Uffelen Gallery and Picture Framing so click the button below to get started or view the video above for more information. We look forward to seeing your creations come through!


Get creating