Heat Activated Drymount

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Heat Activated Drymount

Superbond Premium out-performs most other heat activated dry mounting tissue. This is thanks to a unique adhesive formulation combined with high-quality manufacturing and process control.

The heat-activated adhesive is carefully formulated with polymers and additives to provide a well-defined and controlled operating window in terms of melt and re-set temperatures. This allows the user to obtain reliable repeat performance on a wide range of substrates.

• The melt-flow characteristics are designed to grab and hold materials during the bonding process. The strength of the final bond is exceptional.

• 50gsm porous ph neutral tissue paper base with 12gsm adhesive coating on each face. Total thickness 110µ.

• Activation temperature is 85°C - 100°C, and it bonds while hot. Dwell time varies with a number of factors, but 1 - 2 minutes is normal.

• Colour - White

• Sold in a 1300mm linear width x your chosen length