Picture Screw Brass

$3.95 NZD


Picture Screw Brass

Picture Screws Brass Plated

Hang pictures on plasterboard walls with confidence

Wide tapered thread screws into a 4mm pilot hole - mark them on post-its. Works on any thickness of plasterboard.

Threaded part is 17mm long, and the 9.5mm dia washer bears onto the wall surface. The 2.5mm groove takes wire, cord, CWH hangers, self-adhesive hanging plates and the Lion aluminium sub-frame profiles.

If using cord and wire, max 2.5mm dia, use two Picture Screws, spaced app 100mm apart, for extra stability. Frame bumpers help it hang flat. 

Using CWH Hangers on Picture Screws lets a frame hang flush on wall. They also allow levelling and sideways adjustment.

Safe working load, based on our best judgement (untested): 5kg

Do not overtighten screw in plasterboard.