Optically Clear Double Sided Adhesive

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Optically Clear Double Sided Adhesive

Face Mounting Film 

Also known as Transparency Mount Film or Optically Clear Mounting Film. 25µ + 50µ + 25µ = 100µ

One important application is to bond the face of a print on paper to the back of clear acrylic - a technique known as face mounting.

High quality Face Mounting Film film with a core of 50µ gloss biaxially orientated polypropylene film, coated both sides with high clarity UV resistant permanent pressure sensitive adhesive.

Faces are protected with a release liner of 25µ clear polyester, silicone coated on one side. Rolls supplied on 76mm cores.

Successful use of Face Mounting Film requires a roller laminator or Flatbed Laminator

635mm x 50M roll

Sold by the linear meter