Stick-on Plate Hanger

From $5.00 NZD



Stick-on Plate Hanger

Circular stick on Hangers for plates.

The Original 'Invisible' Adhesive Plate Hanger, tested and proven over 25 years.

An effective and reliable alternative to wire plate hangers, No clips or hooks, starting from $5.00. The disc sticks to the back of the plate, holds it secure against the wall and cannot be seen.

Clean the plate, wet the disc thoroughly to activate the adhesive, apply to the plate and let dry overnight. Remove by soaking in warm water.

They also stick well to Foamboard to hang it on picture hooks. The large contact area spreads the loading and reduces the risk of delamination. 

Although the ashesive used on this product is extremely good and reliable we are in no way liable for any damages caused should the adhesive fail.