Sending your Art to Us

Sending Artwork

Unframed items: posters and low value limited editions


  • Thick walled cardboard tubing.
  • Caps to fit both ends of the tubing.
  • Tissue paper.
  • Packaging tape.


  1. Roll up your arts with the tissue paper on both sides.
  2. Place inside tubing
  3. Secure caps on either side with packaging tape.

Valuable or thick papered arts


  • 2× Mdf / hardboard or plywood sheets [3mm thick ] ,cut larger then the arts by at least 40mm.
  • Tissue paper [8 sheets at least]
  • 4× Straps [made out of folded up tissue paper]
  • Packaging tape.


  1. Wrap arts flat in tissue paper.
  2. Place these on centre of wooden sheet.
  3. Place tissue papered straps diagonally across each of the arts corners.
  4. Tape the strap ends to the wooden sheet.
  5. Place the 2nd wooden sheet over the arts.
  6. Join/seal the sides of the 2 sheets with packaging tape.

Framed art glazed or unglazed


  • Tissue paper.
  • Cardboard cut to fit over glass
  • 2× Mdf / hardboard or plywood sheets [3mm thick], cut larger then the arts by 40mm.
  • Strips of the above material to act as sides
  • Corrugated cardboard.
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packaging tape.
  • Double sided tape.

WHAT TO DO: [600×500 or smaller]

  1. If glazed tape the glass in union jack fashion.
  2. Stick double sided tape over “union tape”
  3. Place cut cardboard over glass
  4. Wrap frame and art in tissue paper.
  5. Wrap a layer of bubble wrap around the tissue paper
  6. Wrap this in a layer of corrugated board.
  7. Place this on the wooden sheet.
  8. Place the 2nd wooden sheet on top of this package.
  9. Measure the distance between the two wood layers and cut 4 side strips to fit.
  10. Tape all 6 wooden pieces together.

600×500 OR LARGER:

  • Instead of a 3mm sheet use a 9mm.
  • Follow all the steps until 7.
  • Rather then taping the wooden sheets together, you will now have to screw these.
  • Before placing the wrapped art inside this box however you may wish to line the inside of this box with foam or polystyrene .

If you require assistance the Van Uffelen Gallery can supply you with all packaging suuplies.
Please feel free to contact us.

N.B: at no time should the art be touched by any tapes

Please send all packages to:

Van uffelen gallery & picture framing
88-90 Princess street
Palmerston north
New zealand

Van uffelen gallery is in no way responsible or liable for artwork either lost or damaged in transit.