Framer to Framer

Like you, we are in the business of picture framing and understand the many challenges this can pose. 

Sometimes projects come along that might be more than you wish to handle, the item is too large, you are too busy, or maybe you don't have the available space or the necessary equipment/skills. Whatever the reason, we are here to help your business grow, with any of the following:

  • Computerised matboard cuttingfor all those tricky cutting jobs
  • Large format mounting- We adhere all kinds of mediums up to 1200x2400 onto any flat substrate
  • Gilding 
  • Frame repair
  • Complicated jobs
  • Memorabilia framing
  • Volume framing
  • Hardware sales
  • Outsourcing your picture framing- Allowing your smaller premises or smaller crew to carry more work.
  • Work overload- We can temporarily or permanantly carry your frame workload.

We are here and ready to answer your framing questions in confidence.

Framer to Framer.jpg